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Image by Stephanie Liverani

Community groups

People today frequently have difficulty finding a ‘sense of community’.  They may not have family nearby or know their neighbors very well.  Often this leaves them feeling isolated and alone. Faith Church has found a solution.

Community Groups


These are places where people can share their joys and struggles, while also tuning into what God has to say about these matters. 


Most of these small groups meet in homes for a relaxed and casual feel.  In a society that is often indifferent towards the individual, small community groups are a welcomed change.







Community Groups are an important place where you can belong and grow strong.

A Community Group is an intentional group of people who regularly meet to support each other and encourage growth in their faith journeys. 

The group may be anywhere from 6-12 people who commit to meet together for a certain period of time. 


The frequency, length, and location may vary, but the primary focus is to help people better connect with God and with each other. 


Common components include a fellowship time, as well as Bible study and prayer. 


We also encourage our community groups to look for opportunities to serve those outside their group.



Belong, and grow strong.

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