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Growth Track

A step-by-step guide helping you discover your redemptive purpose and how tolive the best life

God created for you.

The Growth Track is made up of a five-step process that will equip you to: 

     1. Connect with the church 

     2. Accelerate your spiritual growth

     3. Discover your purposeful design

     4. Share your faith more effectively  

     5. Develop your personal leadership


Moving along this track will help you to find personal fulfillment and enable you to make a difference in the lives of others.  

Step One 

Become a Member 

Learn about the mission, vision, values, beliefs and ministry of Faith Church.  Find out how to connect with this important part of the body of Christ.  Step One involves attending the Essential Class.


Step Two

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Explore the many ways available to deepen your faith and strengthen your walk with God. Learn to practice some of the time-tested spiritual disciplines (holy habits) designed to bring about spiritual transformation.  Acquire a biblical and theological framework to assist you in your understanding of God’s Word. Step Two involves attending some or all of the following classes:  Holy Habits, Thinking Theologically, a Biblical Survey class.   


Step Three 

Discover Your Design

Dive into the details of your God-given SHAPE – the unique way you have been designed by God.  Discovering your S.H.A.P.E includes learning about your Spiritual Gifts, Heart/Passion, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences in life.  See how God has shaped you for a specific purpose and ministry.   Step three involves attending the Discover Your Design class.  


Step Four

Share Your Faith Effectively

Learn how everyday Christians – like you and me – can confidently and effectively share their faith with people they know.  The emphasis is on natural approaches that work over time to bring family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to the point of trusting in Christ. Step four involves attending the Share Your Faith class.  


Step Five

Develop Your Leadership 

Find out what it means to be a leader in your home, community, and church.  Learn how you can strengthen your character and skills so that you can influence others for Christ.  Everyone wins when leaders get better, and everyone is a leader in some place.  Step five involves attending the Develop Your Leadership class.  

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