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What Churches Are For

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Pastor Dan Jongsma

The sad reality is that the American church today is better known for what it’s against, than what it is for. Intentionally or unintentionally, the Christian church has been branded as a community of angry, judgmental people. Rightly or wrongly, we have been viewed as anti-gay, anti-liberal, anti-abortion, anti-Hollywood, anti-piercing, anti-sex, anti-______, you fill in the blank.

Of course, these are long-standing stereotypes that we know don’t necessarily apply to all believers. But some of this branding has been earned.

Please don’t misunderstand. There are many things that Christ-followers should be against. We should be passionately against slavery and human trafficking, genocide, abuse, oppression, and injustice of all kinds.

We should be against doctrinal error that confuses and obscures the true message of the Gospel. We should be against sin, especially in our own lives. After all, where sin thrives, human beings fail to flourish.

But when I read the Bible, I discover a God who was known more for what He loved than for what He hated. “For God so loved the world,” says John 3:16.

God is adamantly “pro.” He is pro-humanity, pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-truth, pro-justice, pro-mercy. Jesus came delivering the Good News to a bad news world. In fact, at His arrival, an angel delivered this birth announcement, “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.” (Luke 2: 10)

“I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people."

Jesus attracted crowds because He offered hope, help, and healing – positive things people were desperately looking for. While He consistently stood against sin, He was passionate and compassionate toward sinners. Broken, hurting people were drawn to Him, not repelled by Him.

As His followers today, I believe we should be known more for what we are for than what we are against. Here at Faith Church, we are trying to live this truth out in our community. We are seeking to major on good and godly things. Things that bring help and healing to people. Things that reflect the heart and character of God. Things that build up rather than tear down.

For example, at Faith Church…

1. We’re for truth – absolute, eternal truth in a world of uncertainty.

2. We’re for love – showing love in practical, tangible ways in a self-serving world.

3. We’re for life – imparting life in a world dominated by trouble and tragedy.

4. We’re for human dignity – proclaiming that each person is an image-bearer of God, precious to Him and to us.

5. We’re for healing – offering physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to those broken by our broken world.

6. We’re for grace – the radical kind that offends the religious and restores sinners.

7. We’re for community – life-giving relationships between people who bear each other’s burdens.

8. We’re for prayer – prayer that calls on an active, living God to move heaven and earth.

9. We’re for faith – the kind that moves mountains and that expects God’s best.

10. We’re for hope – a conviciton that King Jesus will one day return to put right what is wrong in this world.

We’re for YOU!

That’s because God created you, loves you, died for you, rose for you, and wants to use you to make a positive difference in this world.

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